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GJF warns against News Channel rumours

All India Gem & Jewelry Trade Federation

Jewelers declare indefinite Strike until Excise Duty is rolled Back

All India Gem & Jewelry Trade Federation - All India Strike against levy of Excise Duty & Customs Duty

Complete Bandh in Chhattisgarh in support of Jewelers Cause

Chhattisgarh - Bandh Declared

Jewelers on Hunger Strike at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi

GJF - All India Gem & Jewelry Trade Federation

24 Karat Gold fabric created by Swiss Engineers

Bow tie, pocket handkerchief and full length tie made of 24 carat Gold fabric
Bow tie, pocket handkerchief and full length tie made of 24 Karat Gold fabric. Photo courtesy: EMPA

Jewelers Association Jaipur calls for Bandh today

Jewelers Association Jaipur protests against excise duty & duty on colored gemstone import to India.

GJF Jewelers Protest Rally in Mumbai on March 24

GJF - All India Gems & Jewelry Trade Federation to conduct peaceful Protest Rally in Delhi on March 24, 2012

GJF conducts Jewelers Dharna & Protest Rally in Kanpur Today

GJF - All India Gem & Jewelry Trade Federation

Saraf Associations across India declare indefinite strike

Sarafa Associations across India call indefinite strike

Natalie Portman's Platinum Engagement Ring

Natalie Portman wearing her Engagement Ring at Awards ceremony

Natalie Portman's Platinum Wedding Band

Natalie Portman Wedding Band made in Platinum & Diamonds

9 carats Purple Pink Diamond Auction

9 Carats Purple Pink Diamond up for Auction Photo Courtesy : Sotheby's

GJF extends Jewelers' strike for 2 days, March 20 & 21, 2012

GJF Logo - All India Gem & Jewelry trade federation strike extended

Jewelers Association Jaipur supports GJF call for Strike

Jewelers Association Jaipur strike for 3 days

GJF calls All-India Jewelers Strike on 17, 18, 19 March 2012

All India Gem & Jewelry Trade Federation

Finance Ministry clarifies Excise Duty regulation in India

Finally, the ghost of Excise Duty has been lifted over (partially) from the Gem & Jewelry industry in India. SIGH.

Last year, around this time, Union Budget of India, 2011 was announced, the parchment of paper that decides how the economy of India will function, at least for the next 1 year. Last year it brought a shock to the complete gem & jewelry industry when the Indian Government announced a 1% Excise Duty on all branded jewelry in the country.
It was expected not to affect more than 90% of the jewelers in the country as they are not brands, but independent retailers in the country.

Here is what brought the shock, Excise Department started considering all jewelers as brands who had even printed their (company) names on the Jewelry boxes! That included over 95% of the jewelers in India!

That means, some law that was supposed to affect only about 10% of the complete gem & jewelry business in the country suddenly started affecting more than 95% jewelers in the country. Jewelers in the country were so harassed due to this that there was a national level jeweler strike called by GJF, the largest organization of jewelers in India, which comprises of even some the most renowned jewelers (parent companies in some cases) of India, including, C.K.C. & Sons, Jewelove, Ganjam etc.

Last year was a pretty bad year for most jewelers in India (financially & otherwise, for reasons mentioned in this post).

Thankfully, at least the excise duty issue has been cleared this year.

Finance Ministry of India has issued a clarification on the definition of brands (for jewelry sector) this year, only jewelers who engrave their name or company name on the jewelry will be considered as a brand & not those who only print (or otherwise indicate) their (company) name on their display & packaging material.

Good news for the gemstone & jewelry sector in India.

There are still many challenges for the gemstone & jewelry business in India, but at least one issue is past us.

Hope for a better budget for the gem & jewelry industry this year.

Stop Cancer - Innocent Child

Stop Cancer

$5000 to $1 Billion : Sara Blakely, Self made Billionaire

One woman, one idea, 1 decade &  $5,000 converted to $1 BILLION!

Most Expensive Book in the World

Most Expensive Book ever - Leonardo Da Vinci's notes & writings. Photo Courtesy : 

Most Expensive Book In The World, more valuable than any diamond known to man. The only Gemstone more valuable than this book is the mysterious Midnight Ruby which was up for auction for $40 Million in the 1980s.

This book was auctioned for $ 30.8 million in 1994, by the auction house Christies 

Dogs with Diamonds

Engagement Rings for All Ages

Engagement rings are probably the most well known and used pieces of jewelry in the world.  There are dozens of types of Lovely Engagement Rings and nearly every bride will find a ring that suits her age group and taste.  However, some brides prefer rings that are most popular amongst a different age group. Here is a short overview of the different rings available to different age groups.
Twisted Engagement Rings are one of the most searched rings among the new styles, this ring suit any age but brides that like modern touch in their jewelry and accessories, or modern style in decoration will usually like this style as well.

Advertising Opportunity

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Kate Middleton's Wimbledon Bracelet

Lady Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge wearing a Name Bracelet at Wimbledon 2011

Holi, Legend of the love of RadheKrishna

Vote for the Platinum Jewelry Style Awards!

Vote for your Celebrity Style at the Oscars! Photo courtesy : Academy Awards Night

Jennifer Lopez wears Platinum to Oscars Night 2012!

Jennifer Lopez wears Platinum to the Oscars Night 2012!

Natalie Portman's magnificent Platinum Diamond Necklace for Oscars Night 2012

Natalie Portman wears Platinum & Cluster Diamond Necklace with Solitaire Earrings for Oscars Night 2012!

Celebrities go Platinum on 84th Annual Academy Awards Night!

Jennifer Lopez & Cameron Diaz don Platinum for the 84th Oscars aka the 84th Academy Awards Night!

Angelina Jolie dons Platinum Earrings at 84th Annual Academy Awards Night!

Angelina Jolie wearing Platinum Earrings at 84th Annual Academy Awards Night!

Kate Middleton & Prince William had a cindrella wedding, really!

I am not kidding, check out this photo below yourself & you'll know what I mean!

Cindrella Wedding for Kate Middleton & Prince William!


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