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Engagement Rings for All Ages

Engagement rings are probably the most well known and used pieces of jewelry in the world.  There are dozens of types of Lovely Engagement Rings and nearly every bride will find a ring that suits her age group and taste.  However, some brides prefer rings that are most popular amongst a different age group. Here is a short overview of the different rings available to different age groups.
Twisted Engagement Rings are one of the most searched rings among the new styles, this ring suit any age but brides that like modern touch in their jewelry and accessories, or modern style in decoration will usually like this style as well.

The Classic Solitaire Engagement Rings is the most popular kind of engagement ring, has and will be worn by brides of all ages and all times.  The solitaire ring is the well known timeless ring that houses a single diamond, there is a large variety of loose diamonds from where to choose and you can choose different Settings for your Engagement Ring for each diamond cut like a prong, bezel or tension setting.
For older brides, one of the most popular styles used are the Vintage Style Engagement Rings.  These rings are highly recommended for these brides because they usually are similar to the style they grew up with, a more classic setting and have usually garnished designs.  However, younger brides should not feel that they cannot wear a vintage or antique engagement ring if they like it, they are currently the most popular style of engagement ring in the fashion world, as long as she feels comfortable with the design there's no reason not to.  It is very common for these rings to also have larger diamonds, or more than one stone, use decorations like side gemstones and different settings for the side stones like the famous Halo setting.

Many younger brides prefer Shiny Pave Engagement Rings, which features numerous small diamonds along the top of the ring that creates the illusion that the ring is paved with diamonds.  These engagement rings are also quite popular amongst celebrities, whose rings always almost always studded with numerous diamonds.  Many pave rings also feature a large center stone which can be as large as one carat and sometimes larger.
One style that is gaining popularity amongst all brides are the Engagement Rings with Three Stones , which features three stones that are symbolic of a couple’s, past, present and future, although the symbolism does not always matter.  Many brides set their and their spouses’ birthstones in the ring as well.
Some other brides with modern ideas and beliefs are not using anymore engagement rings and go on a different road by wearing other pieces of jewelry to symbolize their engagement. A good substitute for an engagement ring is the Name Ring, which can be personalized with the couple's initials, a good example that is also really popular this days are the Chinese Name Necklaces, you can see a lot of Hollywood stars wearing them in different kinds of precious metals and incrusted diamonds or gemstones.


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