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How the Union Budget will Impact Your Love Budget?

Keep Calm Love is Expensive! Union Budget 2015

The Union Budget 2015 was presented today by the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley & there will be detailed analyses & reviews of the budget by experts. However one thing I noticed was that the hike in service tax from 12.36% to 14%  is going to make impressing-my-wife so much more expensive. Here is a take on that.
The Union Budget 2015 has just made Love more expensive.
  • Going to that romantic date :
    • Cab ride & car hire will be more expensive.
    • Eating at restaurants will have a higher bill (as if they were not expensive enough already!)
    • Heck, even the flowers are going to be more expensive!
    • Personal grooming will be even costlier. (unless you are planning the ped ke neeche wala nai?) And, my wife being a image consultant, man those haircuts are going to hurt even more!
  • Next time I join the gym, I will make everyday count, because the trainer & higher membership charges sure will!
  • Shopping : Ah! The holy grail! Hopefully, there will be some relief here.
    • Reduced corporate taxes should ease up the shopping bills somewhat? (Shoppers Stop, please give us, your customers, a share of those reduced taxes.)
    • Leather footwear made in India will be cheaper. But does that mean, she will buy more pairs? Only time will tell.
  • Travel :
    • I have yet to meet a person who doesn't like to travel. And, travelling is going to be so much more expensive now!
    • Hotels, flights, Eat-outs are all gonna cost more, so will the travel agents, credit card fees, EMIs and holiday planners.
  • Phone Calls :
    • Oh & how can we forget the long calls late into the night & until the Sun rises. They will be more expensive too, now!
Why why sir? We know you are married too, then why do you not understand our plight?

Well, at least one thing still remains priced as it was earlier and that will impress her way better than any of those above & that is, Platinum Love Bands by Suranas Jewelove.

Disclaimer : This is just a humorous take on the Union Budget 2015. No offense intended.

Reactions : My sister commented after reading the post, "This is a true sign that you have gotten married." 


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