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Fancy Argyle Brown Diamond RIng

18.56 carats, Natural, Fancy Dark Orange-Brown Diamond Ring.
18.56 carats, Natural, Fancy Dark Orange-Brown Diamond Ring. Photo courtesy: Sothebys
Very impressive 18.56 carats, Natural, old mine brilliant-cut, Fancy Dark Orange-Brown Diamond set as center to a ring. This stone is flanked by pear-shaped Diamonds on each side.

Brown diamonds in shades from champagne to cognac are found in Australia, Africa and Siberia. The Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia is the world's largest producer of these stones. The beautiful range of shades emerge through the presence of trace elements and distortions in the diamond crystal. These elements react with radiation and pressure to bring out remarkable colors in the stone.

Want to know more about the colors in Diamonds? Contact us at WeCare@Jewelove.in. Share your comments and reactions about this magnificent fancy color diamond below.


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