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Liz Taylor's 33.19 carats Krupp Diamond Platinum Ring

Elizabeth Taylor's Krupp Diamond - 33.19 carats, D-color, Internally Flawless
Elizabeth Taylor's Krupp Diamond - 33.19 carats, D-color, Internally Flawless. Photo courtesy: Christie's
Krupp Diamond is one of the most spectacular Diamonds of the world with the following properties: 
  • 33.19 carats
  • D-color
  • Internally Flawless
  • Type IIa
  • Asscher-cut
This amazing gemstone is mounted in a Platinum 3 stone ring. It was a gift for Elizabeth Taylor from her then husband Richard Burton. Burton purchased the Diamond at Sotheby's auction on May 16th, 1968 for a sum of $305,500. It was the highest sum ever paid for a Diamond ring till then. The Diamond is all set to be auctioned next week by Chrisitie's and is estimated to cost around $3 million!

History of Krupp Diamond

The early history of the Diamond is not known except for the fact that it was once owned by actress Vera Krupp. She belonged to the famous Krupp family, owners of Krupp AG, the industrial giant of Germany.

Chemistry between Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor

Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor will go down in history as the most celebrated couple, who could not live with or without each other. Their relationship has been characterized as a fire-and-ice relationship.
It all began on the sets of the blockbuster film Cleopatra in 1961, in which Burton played the role of Julius Caesar, and Liz Taylor, of Cleopatra. At that time Burton was married to Sybil Williams and Taylor to Eddie Fischer. The intense relationship between them led to the divorce of their spouses, and their eventual marriage in March 1964. The scandal sent shock waves around the world and did not go down well with their fans.
The passionate relationship between Burton and Taylor was unfortunately short lived and lasted only about 10 years. The couple divorced in 1974, but reconciled an year later and re-married in 1975. However the second marriage too broke up in 1976.

Liz's love for Jewelry

In her book Elizabeth Taylor - My Love Affair with Jewelry, Taylor says,  
"The Krupp diamond was owned by Vera Krupp of the famous German munitions family, which helped knock off millions of Jews. When it came up for auction in the late 1960s, I thought how nice it would be if a nice Jewish girl like me were to own it." 

Elizabeth Taylor auctioned some of her jewelry during her lifetime to aid charities with noble causes. The jewelry included the Taylor-Burton Diamond, Diamond and emerald ring and few others.
"I have never thought of my jewelry as trophies" Taylor said, "I am just here to take care of them."

Taylor developed a strong personal attachment to Krupp Diamond. She was seen donning it in all the films she starred after 1968 and it remained with her in the platinum ring until she breath her last.

What do you think about this symbol of love? Share your comments and reactions below.

Elizabeth Taylor wearing Krupp Diamond ring
Elizabeth Taylor wearing Krupp Diamond ring.

Update: One of the most desirable piece of jewelry in the auction, it was sold for a huge sum of $8,818,500 dollars. Symbol of Love surely is heavy on your pocket.

Below is an actual photo of the famous Krupp Diamond.

Actual photo of the famous Elizabeth Taylor Krupp Diamond !


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