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Dresden Green - World's Largest Green Diamond

40.70 carats Dresden Green Diamond. Photo Courtesy : Eriko Sugita/Reuters

Dresden Green is the largest and finest rare natural green diamond of exceptional quality ever found. The stone's unique green color is due to natural exposure to radioactive materials. The characteristics of the diamond are listed below:
  • Pear-shaped cut 
  • 40.70 carats. 
  • Type IIa diamond
  • VS-1 clarity, re-cutting the stone might eliminate surface inclusions, improving the clarity to maybe even IF.
  • 29.75 x 19.88 x 10.29 mm
  • Uniform color distribution with no zoning
  • Chemically pure
The Dresden Green diamond derives its name from Dresden, the capital city of Saxony in Germany. Frederick Augustus II, the Duke and elector of Saxony bought the diamond at the Leipzig Fair in 1741.

The Dresden Green is an early 18th century stone, and in all probability originated in the Kollur mines, near Golconda, in Southern India. The stone was purchased in India by the famous London diamond merchant of early 18th century, Marcus Moses. From all accounts it appears that the green diamond Marcus Moses purchased  in India, was already cut and polished.

In spite of Marcus Moses' efforts to sell the diamond to either King George I or Duke Frederick Augustus I, none of them purchased it, even though they had inspected and expressed interest in the stone. Marcus Moses eventually sold the stone to a Dutch merchant named Delles, who in turn sold it to Duke Frederick Augustus II, the son of Frederick Augustus I, at the Leipzig Fair in 1741. for 400,000  Thaler.

Frederick Augustus II, assigned his court jeweler, Dinglinger, to incorporate the green diamond in the decoration of the Golden Fleece, a setting that lasted only four years, and was dismantled in 1746. The Duke then decided to make a new Golden Fleece, incorporating two famous diamonds, the Dresden Green (40.70 carats) and the Dresden White, a cushion shaped diamond, weighing 49.71 carats.

The 40.70-carat Dresden Green – the largest and finest natural green diamond ever found, has long been considered a "sister" to the Hope Diamond, which it closely matches in size, intensity of color, and historical importance. The Dresden Green is currently kept at Albertinium Museum in Dresden where it safely remains preserved.

Several unverified sources refer the Dresden Green to be valued at over 200 Million USD. Only time will tell.

Green diamonds are rare, and one of this size, even more so. Tell me what you think of this specimen in the comments & reactions below

Dresden Green studded in a hat clasp
Dresden Green studded in a hat clasp


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