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A Guide to Choose the Best Wedding Ring for Your Big Day

From choosing the wedding suit, which makes you feel like a prince, to selecting the floral arrangement to create the wonderland, a wedding is not an easy affair. It might end at ‘I do’, but beginning it is always a nuisance.

You have so much to do, and decide that you feel confused, dazed, and lost. And selecting the right
wedding ring which perfectly fits the taste of your lady-to-be is another problem which all of the
grooms-to-be have to undergo.

There are so many types of diamond cuts, shapes, colors, and ring designs that you feel your hunt to find the desired wedding ring will never end. You will keep on roaming in the maze of wedding rings without reaching anywhere. But don’t worry, we have a solution for you.

Here is a guide for you to select the right wedding ring, which will make your lady-to-be fall in love with you once again:

Traditional and Elegant Touch:

If you are looking for a minimalist but fine look with a pinch of traditional touch, then solitaire rings are perfect.
A plain band with a single diamond sitting on top of the ring like a queen never goes out of the question when you are looking for a blend of tradition and elegance.
To have a bit more glamorous look, add diamonds along the rim of the band. It will give an exotic look to the ring while retaining its elegance.

Prominent and Stylish Look:

If you want that even a person standing ten feet away should notice the ring, then a prominent ring with the stylish appeal is the call.
Look for the rings with the protruding diamond setting instead of the one embedded in the ring. It will make the ring look more sparkly, glamorous, and stylish enough to catch the eyes in a gathering.
And if you want to make the diamond extra prominent, then go for a halo setting. In this setting, the
small diamonds encircle the center diamond, which makes the main diamond look enormous.

Contemporary and Modern Appeal:

For a contemporary wedding, you want everything to be modern, fresh, and new, including the wedding ring. If you want to ditch the traditional vibes, then what about going for contemporary appeal?
Choose quirky band designs and non-traditional diamond settings which forgoes all the old, worn out
ring designs which you can support on almost every hand.
Go for garland style bands, meshed band designs with overlapping diamond settings which will make
your girl look like an ‘IT’ girl of the town.

Romantic and Personalized Tint:

If you want to depict your love and happiness in your every action, then why leave the ring out of the
Turn your ring in a romantic affair by giving it a personalized touch.
Go for heart-shaped diamond cuts or inscribe your name or a beautiful line on the inner side of the band if you want to make it a private affair. But if you want to show off your romantic instinct to everyone, then what about engraving your name or something beautiful on the outer surface of the band?

Your big day is one of the most important moments of your life, so everything should be perfect –
including the ring. Buy the best ring for your girl to make her feel out of the world. She deserves it!

Please note, this is a sponsored post. The post has been published as it is provided by the sponsor. We do not endorse or claim any authenticity for the contents of the post.


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