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Jewelry Trends For 2017

Jewelry Trends for 2017

Jewelry acts as an agent for personality. It defines the person who wears it. The essence and royalty that the jewelry adds to our costume is something worth wearing for. The jewelry perfectly communicates the words that can’t be said. Jewelry draws the attention to the very delicate and most beautiful parts of a women body. Earrings draw attention to the erogenous ear lobes, bracelets to the delicate wrists. Here, I am going to share some Jewelry trends that will rock the summer/fall of 2017.
This trend is still happening and it will rock the jewelry trends in 2017 also. As this is unique and can be styled with any dress, shirt, t-shirt, crop top , off shoulder and anything you can think of. These are the most tricky pieces that can give you a cool look effortlessly.

Boho Jewelry
Heavy jewelry with ancient vibes and traditional touch. Stoned rings, bracelets in crystals, chains and thinned threads with beads in Pandora style and heavy layered necklaces in greek silver and Turkish stone can help you look most confident women with jewelry in any clothing.

Multilayer Jewelry
Multilayering the Jewelry is still on and it will continue entertaining the fashion world for long. Multilayered necklaces are mainly metallic with two, three or four tiers cascading down in simple chains or with some charms or stones beaded in these.

Platinum Jewelry
The world’s most precious metal. Due to its beauty, shine and value Platinum has always rocked the jewelry world since ages. Platinum is best suited for both diamond and colored stones and that’s why it proves itself as the most enduring jewels of the world. Platinum rings, bracelets, necklaces, anklets have become the favorite of couples as the best wedding gift for it carries the pure white luster that none other metals have. Platinum Jewelry will rock the trends in 2017 for sure.

Tassels are one beautiful piece of jewelry that can never be forgotten. Leave behind those bold, gothic, ancient metallic jewelry and try on the freely flowing very light , funky and most cool jewelry that can be worn as any jewelry piece be it layered necklace, earrings or bracelets. Tassels rock every style flawlessly.

Another definition of elegance and royalty. Pearls have been loved since ages. Opt for Pearls and fling yourself in Pearl avalanche this new year – 2017. Pearls look beautiful with multilayer necklaces, earrings, bracelets and nose ring. Single pearl brooches attached to neckties or pearl topped pins in chokers are best to wear this 2017.

There may be some other Jewelry styles that will run in this toughest competition of fashion world where a change is must for every single day. Hope this give you a good idea about latest trends that have the strength to continue shining in New Year too.

Guest Blog by Rashmi Saini


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