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Natural Ruby Ring sold for USD 371,000

Important Ruby & Diamond Ring. Courtesy of Luxeford Hong Kong Ltd.; not transferrable.

– sold for HKD 2.88 million (around USD 371,000)

Set with an oval-cut ruby weighing 7.11 carats flanked on either side by a heart-shaped diamond, mounted in platinum and 18k yellow gold, ring size 5½

Accompanied by a report from the Gemresearch Swisslab, stating that the 7.11 carat natural ruby is vibrant red color, originates from Tanzania and has no indication of thermal treatment, report no. GRS2008-062184, dated 13th June 2008

Accompanied by a gemological report from the Gübelin Gem Lab, stating that the 7.11 carat natural ruby is red color, originates from Tanzania and has no indications of heating, report no. 0806508, dated 30th June 2008. 

Accompanied by a supplemental appendix attesting to the rarity of the ruby:
Rubies from Tanzania have been known of since the beginning of the 20th century.  A soldier, believed to be a German officer, is credited with the first discovery of rubies in Tanzania, near Mt. Longido, before the First World War.  Tanzania is the largest country in East Africa and also has the largest variety of gems, partly due to the gem-rich Mozambique Belt running North-South through East-Africa.  The country's rich geologic history has enabled the creation of a tremendous wealth of gemstones.  In addition to tanzanite, tsavorite, spinel and sapphire, gem-quality Tanzanian rubies have been discovered and continue to attract the attention of the gemstone community.  The gemstone mines near the Winza village (Mpwapwa district) in the Dodoma region of Tanzania were first worked in the middle of the last century.  In November 2007, rubies of a saturated red to pinkish-red colour were found there, and soon afterwards appeared on the international market.  The best of these stones are characterised by outstanding transparency and combine exceptional overall quality with significant size.  The natural ruby of 7.11 ct, described in the above-mentioned Gübelin Gem Lab Report, is one of these gems from Winza.  It has a saturated and homogeneous colour, combined with a high degree of transparency, and a finely proportioned cut.  In addition, this gemstone has been spared thermal treatment.  Such a combination of characteristics is rare in natural rubies of this size.

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