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Taylor's Prince of Wales Brooch, the Royal Insignia

Elizabeth Taylor's Prince of Wales Brooch, the Royal Insignia.
Elizabeth Taylor's Prince of Wales Brooch, the Royal Insignia. Photo courtesy: Christie's

Taylor's Prince of Wales Brooch is designed as a plume of three circular-cut Diamond feathers with baguette-cut Diamond spines. They are gathered by a circular and single-cut Diamond crown, mounted in Platinum and Gold. The Diamond feathers signifies the Prince of Wales. The insignia marked “The first time I’ve ever had to buy myself a piece of jewellery,” Elizabeth admitted.

The Brooch belonged to Wallis, Duchess of Windsor. Her husband, the Duke, had been the former Prince of Wales before ascending the throne in 1936. Elizabeth had admired the Duchess’s “Prince of Wales” Insignia years before it was put on the auction block after the death of Duchess in 1987. The earnings from the auction were to benefit the Pasteur Institute—a leader in AIDS research. Taylor acquired the Brooch bidding over the phone from her home in Bel-Air. She bought it for $623,000, even outbidding members of the royal family.

The Royal Insignia is expected to fetch around $600,000 at an auction later next week. I personally think that the word 'Royal' associated with the ornament is alone capable of touching the mark. 

What do you think? Share your comments and reactions below.

Update: The Brooch was finally sold for a large sum of $1,314,500 dollars yesterday. It fetched more than twice its estimated price.


This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

This is a true British Royal Heritage and sky is the limit for these kind of artifacts to be auctioned! The Royal Insignia is a sheer piece of beauty :) Any idea where it is now??

I have no idea who bought it, as the buyer's identity remains undisclosed.

I see.. anyways I was not looking to buy it..lol! Thanks :)

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